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Hi. I am Diane G. Davis, designer and sole maker of dpearldavis crochet design.  Every accessory in my shop is made by me.  My creations are one of kind, color, or size.  I was taught to crochet back in 1973 by my sister-in-law.  She and her friends taught me to read patterns and from that time forward I learned to design using all types of techniques and stitches.

dpearldavis crochet design started in 2004 in Los Angeles after I saw Prada with this very interesting hat.  I designed my first Loop de Loop Hat.  The Peacock and The Eyelash followed.  After eight years in Los Angeles, I moved to New York.  My first hat I designed here was The African Tutu.

New York has been a great inspiration for my creativity.  My hats have been sold in boutiques like Foravi in Soho, La Casita in Ridgewood, NJ and Vedazzling Accessories in Dumbo.  Their customers are young fashionistas and women who believe age is just a number. 

Diane G. Davis, President

DG Davis Enterprises

dba dpearldavis crochet design

Actor, Bonafide Artists, Bernard Management, Emerging Talent

Bookkeeping services, retired

TWA Flight Attendant, retired

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