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I have been in search of the best raffia for summer hats.  This paper raffia was imported from London.  I like it so much I ordered it in cinnamon and ivory.  So this hat will be one of a color.  During this "stay at home" period in our lives, it was natural to do a more detailed hat. I always have avant garde in mind when I design.  Someone asked what if it gets wet.  I was told it would stiffen again once blocked.  Actually it can be handwashed.  This one is a snug not tight fit on my 22" head.  Notice the fringe is supported by a brim and will protect from sun.   I have made a recylcled cardboard hatbox with a crocheted trim which comes with the hat to protect it's shape.

Fringed Paper Raffia Hat with Hatbox

Color: Tropez Tan
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