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I am always creating new handcrocheted modern accessories and making improvements on past accessories.  I found a variety of Botwana Agate Chips and the barrel clasps in a store created a variety cuffs and chokers this spring in a variety of stitches and styles.  

I love this satin tape yarn and I bought a lot of it.  The popcorn stitch is one of my favorites and the slide clasp was perfect for the finish.  I can make these in black, malt and silver and white.  The colors in stock are gold and champagne.  I have enough gold  for one more but no champagne tape yarn

100% polyested satin tape yarn

Clip clasp for champagne

Slide clasp for gold

Pearl's Popcorn Satin Cuff

$70.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
Color: Gold
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