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How time Slips Away

I don't know about anyone else but it seems that time goes by fast even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, That is because all the things that I had procrastinated on I decided would get done. Being the accessory designer I am, there are always new designs I wanted to execute in my head. After hanging out for four days at New York Fashion Week handing out my business cards to anybody who is somebody in fashion so they would know who dpearldavis is, I noticed fashionistas were wearing headbands. I ordered some right away. Headbands are trending for the summer! When "stay at home" started, I had plastic headbands and acrylic paint markers to make my first hand painted crocheted accessories.


Once I get Started

My plans for selling this summer was to do some of my old markets that I had abandon. As you can see from my one of a kind and color headbands I designed for this season, I made a lot. But alas, it may be August before the markets are allowed to open. Still, the designs are developing. I did my first raffia hats back in my Summer 2018 collection and I was not that please with the yarns. Now this summer, I have ordered raffia yarns from the UK (which is designed into this hat), Bulgaria, and China. I am going to make this hat into two more colors, but am I going to create any more new hat designs. I can't get into the bead shops. I'm still determined to create more polished wire crochet jewelry after admiring a designer on Instagram. I have the time.

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